USBoNET Corporate offers

SDK License

Integrate Powerful USB Redirection Directly into Your Software

Craft and Fast Solutions: Seamlessly integrate our components into your industry-specific products, automate routine maintenance tasks, and deliver only the features your customers truly need. 
Expand & Monetize: Legally distribute our USB over Ethernet technology as a part of your software package, enabling you to offer an enriched experience to your customers for a small additional fee. The Distribution License Fee is tailored to your needs, scaling based on the number of devices where the SDK is installed.
Priority Technical Support: Get fast, comprehensive technical support whenever you encounter technical challenges.

Read our SDK license terms and conditions

Business License

Easy-to-Use and Budget-Wise Solution

Need to license USBoNET for your whole company? Company-wide License is the most cost-effective way for people across an organization to work with the USBoNET software.

Main benefits:

Flexible adding of new users at any time.
Reduced administration overhead. Company license is a single contract dealing with only one software license key, not one key for each individual user.

Read our Company license terms and conditions

Source Code License

Extensive Integration and Personalization

Unprecedented Control and Unparalleled Support:

Unrestricted Customization: Modify USBoNET’s core functionalities to perfectly align with your needs.
Seamless Integration: Deeply integrate our technology into your project for a unified experience.
Guaranteed Support: Enjoy exceptional support, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Please note:

Source code distribution and public disclosure are strictly prohibited.
A legally binding agreement safeguarding intellectual property rights will be established before purchase.

Our standard Source Code License terms and conditions

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