Remote Webcam Access: Share Webcam Securely and Fast with USBoNET

Curiously, a webcam shared through a remote network has become a mainstream option in today’s reality. In fact, a USB camera and an Internet connection over LAN or WiFi are needed to create an Ethernet network and share or obtain remote access to the webcam via it.

Don’t plan to get stuck with preparing your devices for seamless remote access sessions? Then, follow this guide, and we’ll provide you with a convenient and secure solution for your web camera communications. We’ll also explain how to start webcam sharing through a USB network with a few clicks.

How to share webcam over network

Share a Webcam via USBoNET

Is there an advanced but simple software to conduct safe sessions with remote web camera access? The answer is yes. HighFigure, a trusted company specializing in the USB device management domain, offers USBoNET – an application that even a beginner can install and use with ease and pleasure.

Thanks to the USBoNET software, you can connect various machines located at any point in the world and allow your network users to share web camera equipment, among other options. The only condition is to have the app installed on all the engaged machines and stay connected to the remote network.

How Sharing Webcam with USBoNET Works

The fastest method of allowing access to a webcam is using a LAN or WiFi connection. You must launch a remote access network based on it and allow all or separate users to employ the necessary device.

The process of how to remotely access a web camera will look like this:

On your host system machine:

  • Download and install USBoNET.
  • Go to the application’s interface.
  • Open the ‘Device’ menu.
  • Pick a web camera that you wish to share.
  • Tap ‘Allow Access’

Now, the webcam is visible to users connected to the Ethernet network (or an RDP session). They will be able to share webcam devices via it if they complete these steps on their guest machines:

  • Download and set USBoNET up.
  • Open the ‘Remote Ports’ tab.
  • Select the available webcam device.
  • Press the ‘Connect’ button to start using it.

No complex undertakings to configure the network are needed. You don’t have to torture yourself with perplexing interfaces or user manuals.

Why Is HighFigure USBoNET the Best Choice for Webcam Sharing

USBoNET is an outstanding product in the range of USB device management applications. Its exceptional features that make the software the #1 solution for webcam remote access are listed below:

  • An easy-to-use interface. Although USBoNET can cope with complex problems related to VirtualBox systems, Hyper-V USB passthrough sessions, etc., the app’s interface offers an effortless process of connecting and sharing a device.
  • Gate Mode is a unique feature designed to streamline sharing processes in your local and remote network.
  • WEBAdmin will let you add, remove, share, and control all devices in the network. You can manage your webcam with just a click from any smartphone, computer, laptop, or whatever!
  • ECC, or Elliptic Curve Cryptography, is an advanced way to exchange data and ensure its intactness.
  • Persistent USB Connection allows the use of devices even if they physically become unavailable. This approach serves to make your sharing sessions more stable, as well as protect your hardware from damage.
  • iPv6 & iPv4 protocols are supported.

This list of must-have features is incomplete. Yet, the options described are enough to run seamless and secure webcam sharing sessions.

Supported Platforms

The software complies with Windows 10 and 11, as well as Windows Server 2019 and 2022 platforms. The supported CPU architectures include ARM64, x64, and x84.

Dedicated applications for the following operating systems are expected to come in the market soon:

  • macOS;
  • Linux;
  • Android;
  • Windows 7 SP1;
  • Windows 8;
  • Windows 8.1;
  • Windows Server 2012, R12, 2012 R2, and 2016.

So, stay in touch with the company’s updates. If you need a specific solution for remote web camera access, contact USBoNET support.

Pricing & Free Trial

Let’s view the free trial and pricing options of the USBoNET software:

Free TrialAvailable for 365 days;3 remote devices supported;Gate Mode.WEBAdmin.
Price for Full VersionStarts from $59

So, you can download and activate your free version of USBoNET and enjoy its free options right away. You need to sign up to receive a free trial key.

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